What is Swapwink Coupon?

It’s the tool that helps me increase my sales , allowing users to know my promotions and discounts of my different products or services. This makes it the ideal platform to introduce my brand into new markets and encourage future clients to choose our products or services.

How does it work?


Create a user profile on our web site and register your company.

2Create your coupon

In a few simple steps, add coupons that will help you promote your brand. You have no limit of coupons and you can choose your own expiration date.

3Get customers

Welcome new customers and redeem their coupons with our scanner included in the app.

4Data analytics

Check who has redeemed your coupons or who is more interested in your brand with our special reports.

What are the benefits?

Sales increase

Save money

Compatible with your devices

Pay only for what works for you!

Easy to use

Join the hundreds of companies that
use our app